How to find the precise pump and bottle?

If you are searching for the right liquid pump for your shampoo, conditioner, soap bottles, and others, then we are here to help you find the exact size dispensing pump for every different size bottle.

You may also be wanting to replace the pump of your old soap and shampoo bottles or you may have purchased and the new one. Reusing the old bottles by finding the precise dispensing pump is excellent. But you may face the only problem: the pump that comes along with the bottle and may not be helpful or suitable for your old shampoo or conditioner bottle.

Not a big deal. If your bottle is of standard size, then chances are still there that a pump will fit accurately and works with it.

First, know the size of your bottle.

A pump is typically defined by two measurements the size of the neck and the threading size dimension. The size and dimensions are usually measured in millimeters. E.g., maximum shampoo and liquid soap bottles have a neck opening of 24 mm and have 410 threading dimensions. That is usually written as 24-410 or 24/410. Any pump matching this size and dimensions will fit into your bottles very easily.

How to Measure the size.

Begin by measuring the neck opening of the bottle. If you purchased a bottle randomly from any nearest local store, you might not know the neck opening size. Though you can use a measuring tape to measure the size, it requires to be deeply precise because millimeters are challenging to measure, and if you mismeasured even one millimeter, it would cause you to buy a pump of the wrong size.

After measuring the opening size carefully, you need to get the accurate threading dimensions of your bottle; this may be trickier if you don’t have an understanding of standard threading dimensions.

The most common threading dimensions you will get in bottles with small openings are 400, 410, and 415.

You visualize the difference in size and don’t need to focus on numbers. Another alternative is to contact the manufacturer of the bottle you want to fit accordingly with the pump and get details about the accurate neck dimensions and thread finish.

Selecting the right color of the pump

White and Black are the two most common colors available in liquid bottle pumps. You can search for any color pump matching your bottle color and change your bottle’s whole look and make it more suitable for décor purposes. Just keep in mind you may be able to get something more stylish or appropriate to match your bottle.

Reading the above article will help you in finding the right and appropriate dispensing pump for your bottle. The tips and tricks given above will save your precious time by providing you the good guidance and knowledge about the product.

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