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Our Products

Dispensing Pump

Our mighty dispensing pump covers applications in household, pharmaceutical and commercial enterprises. Our dispensing pumps include only high-quality raw material for manufacturing, and you will not find better quality in the market as compare to us. We are the eminent wholesaler of easy-to-use, designer, and leakage-free plastic dispensing pumps.

38-400 White Plastic Dispenser Pump

Our 38-400 neck finish white gives you high output. It includes high-quality polypropylene plastic that is more durable and comes with a ribbed plastic skirt in a white finish. It is designed for large containers only as it comes with a dip tube size of 9 to 11 inches. This dispensing pump height reflects the ease of using spas, leisure centers, gymnasiums where large shampoos and liquid-based products are used in high incidence. The internal pump mechanism is reliable and consistently delivers consistent performance over time with a dispense stock of 30cc (1oz) every time.

Dispensing Pump 24-410 ON/OFF Black

This 24mm dispensing pump is made up of black polypropylene and has a 24/410 finish. It is excellent to pump a consistent amount of any liquid with each press. It comes with a 4-inch dip tube and dispenses stock of 1cc that is suitable for small and friendly containers. Appropriate for bottles of different products such as personal care, beauty, skin therapy, hand cleansers, etc. This pump features a pop-up-style actuator head, and its rib side collar offers a better grip for applying and removing closure.

Dispensing Pump 24-410 White Plastic

This pump also includes polypropylene but of white color and has a 24/410 neck finish. Its design is compatible with medium-sized hand wash and sanitizer bottles. Its durability and quality also make it capable of regularly using in households and corporate workspaces. It always pleases its all user with its bizarre design. It comes with a 6inch pump tube and has the power of 2cc per dispense stroke. Its standard pump locks in down position only.

Dispensing Pump, 28-410, White Plastic

Our 28mm white replacement dispensing pump features a ribbed skirt saddle head pump with a dispense-and-twist locking system. It comes with a natural dispensing of 8 inches and yields a 0.06 fl. oz. of product with the stroke power of 2cc. Its white color resembles the suitability for medical and different cosmetics products. The cost-effective material used it in makes it more economical to fit it in daily useable products.

Qualities of Our Dispensing Pumps

  • Excellent solution: Our high-quality dispensing pump fits perfectly on every shampoo and conditioner bottle. Our dispensing pumps are a perfect solution for every different neck-sized bottle, such as 38/400, 28/410, and 24/410.
  • Versatility: Just like the neck size, our pump provides versatility with a multitude of pump doses. You can choose from different dosage options like 0.5ml, 0.12ml, 0.28ml, 1.4ml and2.0 ml. You can use our high-quality plastic dispense pump with any professional product include shampoo, conditioner, lotions, liquid soap, etc. They are so versatile that they fit easily on every shampoo or other product bottle and dispense an equal amount with just one press.
  • Cost-effective: The material used in our dispensing pumps always provides long life and durability. As they are made up of high-grade material that gives longevity, you don’t need to repurchase thus, saving your money.
  • Leakage proof: Our dispenser pumps continuously to ensure a secure and tight closure with a bottle as they include an airtight system. It has durable and top-quality material that makes the pump leakproof and compatible for travel use.
  • Length: Tube length of 8 inches, 83/4 inches, 7.08 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches, 4 inches are available with us. The tube that we provide is attached to the pump and reaches the bottom of the bottle is made of flexible and is transparent. It is usually attached to the piston pump and acts as a supporter for the liquid to flow upwards and out of the head.

Who We Are

About the company

We are pioneer in the field of manufacturing dispensing pump situated in USA and are proud to introduce our self as one the leading names in dispensing pump products. Welcome to the creative world of dispensingpump.net. With our refined knowledge in technology and management, our company has made name for itself as a superb supplier of industrial equipment. Holding the title of the top manufacturers we always aimed to meet the client’s expectations in a stipulated & timely manner. We have substantial infrastructure equipped with modern equipment to guarantee the best possible use of the available resources.


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